Now partnering with The Freedom Cafe

Now partnering with The Freedom Cafe

The Freedom Café at UNH is a non-profit café that raises awareness and money to rescue victims of and end human trafficking by serving quality coffees and teas.

The café is a creative space where individuals can be educated about human trafficking and ways to help eradicate this worldwide injustice. All of the proceeds from the Freedom Café are donated to non-profit organizations working with this issue.

Each cup of coffee or tea is given for free. However, they do suggest donations based on fair market value. Fifty cents from each donation will go towards purchasing conscientiously traded and produced coffee and tea. Every cent over that amount will go towards an organization that is working to fight human trafficking world-wide through diverse strategies, such as raising awareness, policy making, and assisting former slaves.

The Freedom Café at UNH is a part of the Freedom Café Network ( Their goal is to not only be successful in Durham, NH, but to have the model of the Freedom Café spread to every local community with a passion for educating people about human trafficking and helping to end this injustice.

They are passionate about good coffee and good tea. The Freedom Café is committed to sourcing their products from local companies that can provide them with quality (organic/locally sourced) and conscientiously traded (Fair Trade or direct traded) products.

The café officially opened February 6th of this year and is open Monday through Friday from 11am-4pm. They are located at 10 Mill Road, Durham, NH and is just a short walk from downtown Durham and the UNH campus.

On Wednesday nights from 7pm to 9pm, they have their Perform for Freedom Nights. This is a great venue for students and locals to perform. One hour of scheduled 20 minute performances, a second hour of open mic. Your favorite coffee and tea products are always served on these nights.

Along with these Perform for Freedom Nights, they provide local artists an opportunity to get involved. The Freedom Café will hosts art openings and galleries with art on consignment. Part of the artist’s proceeds will go toward the cause of ending human trafficking.

They also provide a seminar series on human trafficking and the issues surrounding it.

You can get in contact with The Freedom Café regarding these events by following their facebook page: or by contacting Sean Matthews at:

We are excited about what the future holds for our partnership and look forward to working with the Freedom Café at UNH for years to come. Visit us at

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